premium WordPress themes

Why start with a premium theme when there are so many free themes available?

WordPress uses PHP, CSS and XHTML to separate content from design.  This allows users to switch themes and make site wide style changes with the CSS stylesheet.

Your theme is the basis of your unique WordPress setup and design.  Because what your site is built on matters, consideration of a quality and professional design is highly recommended.   Any theme you are considering  deserves a serious and in-depth look.  It is difficult to find free themes that offer the value of a quality premium theme.

And prices are reasonable — $20 to $100+ gets you:

  • Valid CSS and XHTML
  • Cross-browser optimized:  IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari and Chrome
  • optimized for multiple screen resolutions:  1024 and 1280 px screen widths
  • expandability and customization
  • innovative designs and functions
  • unique menu navigation
  • professional support and documentation
  • upgrades

Here are some of the premium themes that we use and suggest here at

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